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  1. Published analysis on state-of-play of different types of WBL in enterprises: available here
  2. Developed Toolbox for Apprenticeship Advisors - list of Advisors
  3. Carried out training for trainers - employees of CCE and partners institution to work with SMEs and schools
  4. Developed set of criteria for the selection of companies interested in implementation of WBL
  5. Developed guidebook for in-company mentors considering the required teaching and pedagogical competences
  6. Developed training program for in-company mentors. Part I and II
  7. Developed data base of SMEs and mentors
  8. Conducted promotional activities on project activities and results to target groups; improved visibility of VET
  9. Developed recommendations for the improvement of WBL in companies for the national authorities in the field of VET
  10. Published reports and organized conferences on projects results. 

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