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Objectives & activities

The overall aim of this project is to strengthen the capacities of project partners to provide support for SMEs already engaged or planning to engage in apprenticeships.

The objective of the project is to improve competences of partners’ institutions employees, develop new services and operational capabilities of CCE to help SMEs get involved in work-based learning in the companies at the level of secondary vocational education.

The project will create administrative requirements, procedures and education program for the acquisition of the necessary qualifications and certificates for mentors and trainers. Through promotional activities the project will work to raise awareness on the benefits and importance of such a model of learning among SMEs, but also among the general public. Indirectly, the project activities will affect the public authorities, vocational schools, students and their parents.

Activities: The project had a positive impact on those directly involved in the implementation of the activities and target groups. Project enabled setting up of permanent support system for SMEs, by conducting research to understand SME needs and problems they are facing, by training Apprenticeship Advisors to work with employers and schools to provide administrative assistance and counselling services to SMEs who already provide apprenticeships or wish to, and by transfer of knowledge and know-how from Austrian partners.

The project had a number of intangible results:
  1. Exchange of knowledge, ideas and good practices within partnership
  2. Experience and skills gained by partners – individual competences for guiding SMEs in VET
  3. Enhanced organizational competence – new service
  4. Establishment of networks/ partnerships with key VET stakeholders
  5. Developed system of education for in-company mentors and assessment/certification process (informal learning)

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