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Project title: Strengthening the Capacities of the Chambers and Partners to Help SMEs to Engage in Apprenticeship
Project acronym: Cap4App
Coordinator Organisation: Croatian Chamber of Economy (CCE) 
Total budget: 530.537,00 €
Sub-programme or KA: ERASMUS + KA3 – Support for Policy Reform
Planned duration: 24 months (start October 2016)

The Project aims at strengthening the organizational capacities of the CCE and partner institutions in confronting the challenges of vocational education and training (VET) reform and to ultimately provide support to SMEs already engaged or planning to engage in apprenticeships.

Project will have effect in intensification of cooperation among key stakeholders in the field of VET and will strengthen their influence on policy and educational system.
Project provides better understanding of work-based learning in companies and the development of models for their better implementation.

Through collaboration with Austrian Federal Economic Chamber and the introduction of good practices, project partners will acquire knowledge and experience that will be applicable in the Croatian context. Project will work on identifying the obstacles small and medium sized enterprises are facing when taking on apprentices and to train advisors to work with enterprises and schools.
Taking into account existing national regulatory framework, project will developed methods and criteria for selection of SMEs interested in taking on apprentices, training program of in-company mentors that suit their capabilities, and motivate SMEs to take on apprentices.

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